The G2 is concept drone inspired by the XBR220 from BlackBoltRC, aimed at studying aerodynamics and advanced materials in racing frames. We finally decided to bring it to market!
The box layout provides the necessary strength and allows to make the arms thinner, allowing the motors to turn out more thrust. In fast forward flight, the light weight of the frame paired with its insane power to weight ratio can be flown almost at 90 degrees. With an unbeatable center of mass, cornering and maneuverability will almost feel unreal.
Aimed at using the TBS PowerCube or similar AIO solutions, you can build this puppy up however you'd like. We do not suggest arm-mounted ESC's as the current arms are so thin to reduce the amount of airflow, and centrally placing the ESC's is key to this design. The TBS FPVision OSD & VTx, with the TBS PowerCube ESC's make this a very easy-to-assemble solution.
The remaining accessories include the highest quality aluminum screws, purple anodized, and nuts, straps and battery rubber pads. Only the highest quality was good enough!
TBS has developed a manufacturing technique for a composite carbon fiber material. It weighs almost half as much as traditional carbon fiber at almost twice the thickness, with only minimal loss in rigidity when applied properly. The G2 is the first in the line of TBS frames that uses this technology. It also comes in a 4mm carbon fiber edition for those that don't feel like going too overboard with the "conceptness" of the frame.
The G2 comes in 2 flavors. "Snoopy" and "Hero". Snoopy sports a canopy for HD camera mounting, and over-all racing, freestyle or casual piloting. When going full throttle still feels a little slow, we have provided a aerodynamic "Hero" canopy. It allows camera angles up to 90 degrees using the included, durable plastic-injected polycarbonate, "screw it, I'm going supersonic" camera mount. No matter which route you choose, strap down tight because the speed is real.
We got 3 sizes, in two flavors each. TBS Carbon or 4mm Carbon, for 5", 6" and 7". 5" is the fastest for racing and tight maneuvers. 6" accelerates racers with 5.5" or 6" props through gates like you have never seen before. 7" remains in the air for up to 30mins with a 4S 4500mAh battery. There's something for every taste here!

1x TBS G2 5" frame, made out of TBS-Carbon
1x PC Camera Mount for ZeroZero (V2), HS1177, etc for HERO style frame
24x M3x9mm Black steel screws with loctite pre-applied
2x M3x12mm Aluminum T7051 purple anodized
4x M3x19mm Aluminum T7051 purple anodized
4x Copper PowerCube Nuts
1x TBS Battery Strap

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