• UHF 433 MHz Dipole Antenna with SMA Connector, Medium
Custom dippole antennas tuned for UHF systems (433MHz).  Much better quality and repeatability than the "mass produced" antennas.  Has an SMA male connector attached to a 3" (8cm) feed line, with wire elements.  Should be secured using non-conductive material, such as wooden skewers or fiberglass rods (NOT carbon fiber!).  If you put the elements inside plastic tubes, it may slightly lower the center frequency of the antenna, but should have little affect on overall performance.  It's best to use the thinnest plastic possible for the least amount of frequency shift. 
Should be mounted with the antenna elements vertical and away from surrounding conductive or blocking material, with feed line perpendicular (90 degrees) to the antenna elements.
Standard SMA connector on RG316 cable

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UHF 433 MHz Dipole Antenna with SMA Connector, Medium

  • Brand: ReadyMadeRC
  • Product Code: TRS-0007
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