The K6 version as we call it, with the distinctive aerodynamic pod, is carefully designed to find a balance between strength, aerodynamics yet maximize strength from every gram. It took almost a year of testing and we hope we have achieved this goal.
The CF frame comprises seven separate CF pieces that are bonded to make for a very strong yet light weight frame which is partially hollow. This technique allows our design to put the CF where the strength is required. It is not indestructible by any measure and is not suitable for proximity flying!
This is definitely not a build for new flyers. That said, if you follow our build recommendations, it is easier than most of the latest pure X frames. 
The frame is ridiculously quick, but most importantly it is smooth, very smooth. In the straights it is the quietest frame we know, it does not beat to the air to death! For the pilot, the corners are the most noticeable, the feel silky smooth and locked in.
The K5 will be lighter and faster but not nearly as smooth and controlled.  The arms are approx 7mm thick, accordingly we recommend ~10mm motor mount screws. 
What’s Included:
CF base plate (6.5-7.5mm)
2mm polycarbonate pod
CNC aluminium for HS1177 camera with related hardware
M3x14mm Ti hex button screws (4pcs)
M3 black aluminium Nylock nuts (4pcs)
M3x15mm black nylon phillips head screws (4pcs)
Custom K6 PDB
3mm closed cell neoprene battery pad
More Information:
For information on building your Kraken see link

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Kraken 6

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