Last time before got boot loop problem when taranis X9D Plus switch on. Now, received 3pcs X9D with a problem it switch on by self when power switch in OFF position. It will boot loop too until its battery drained. When the power switch at posisi ON, it normally operated but when it switch off, it will get boot loop problem. It problem is on taranis board and frsky wont to show where its a problem. They suggest to send the board back to them for quaranty repair. Summary: BOARD PROBLEM     ..
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Get a new remote Frsky Taranis X9D but when switch on it is always reboot. Try to switch off and switch on again, still get reboot condition. Ask to Frsky about it and suggest to check the condition of diode D1 and D2 whether it solder properly or not. Open remote casing and find that D2 is not solder properly. Re-solder again and X9D normally operated. Due to the size of diode is very small, need magnify glass.     ..
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